BearhounD7 was founded in 1994 in Detroit, Michigan, and moved to St. Louis, Missouri, in late 2001. It became BearhounD7ProductionS in 2014. BearhounD7 tells stories through film, video, theatre, and publications. Besides producing our own stories, we offer a site for other artists to share their work.

Our name. BearhounDs are dogs that belong to a secret organization, The Ancient Order of BearhounDs. They have one purpose, to protect peoplekind. They do this by “Fighting EVIL where ever they may find it and keeping bears out of front yards because they make a mess. If you have not seen a bear in your front yard, then chances are your pooch is part of this secret society and is indeed a BearhounD. Don’t ask him/her to discuss it with you because they are very secretive about their mission.

So, if you have a BearhounD or think you do, send his or her picture to